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Shelf/Side Table

Maple plywood, acrylic sheet

Ledge is a multipurpose shelf that harnesses the aesthetic, nostalgic, and sustainable properties of heirlooms. Heirlooms, like a pie hutch you received from your grandmother, or a cedar chest made by an ancestor, hold an undeniable emotional significance, but are also often defined by their craftsmanship and ability to withstand the test of time.  

From a sustainability perspective, Ledge aims to be a piece that will remain with you through all stages of life, much like an heirloom, and reduce the need for a constant rotation of products. Due to its various ledges, partitions, and nooks this spunky shelf can suit a wide variety of needs, (bookshelf, bar cart, side table, etc.), and was meant to be viewed from any side or angle so it can be repositioned/repurposed as a space age and evolves. In the same vein, the average living spaces are getting smaller as more and more people choose to rent, thus the scale of Ledge is reasonably small to be considerate of this new landscape where square footage is limited. 

Heirlooms are often also valued for the sense of nostalgia they bring into a space because of the history they carry. Ledge references the playful sophistication of stained glass and dynamic uses of color through acrylic sheet and in the hopes of evoking that same romanticism in a way that will hold up longer through day-to-day use. 

Alexis Williams is a designer that explores how curved and linear forms can be combined to create dynamic design. Through her work, Alexis also emphasizes creative use of color to generate emotional connections to spaces and objects. Her work is inspired by Memphis Movement and Pop Art aesthetics due to their playful and clever use of color, materials, graphic art style, and the deeper meaning that drives them. 

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